WELCOME to the lovely and friendly atmosphere of Långbro Värdshus.

Delicious food is the focal point of our restaurant, where our chef and restaurateur Fredrik Eriksson creates meals from amazing ingredients that changes with the seasons.

Take Away

On Långbro Värdshus you are welcome to order takeaway on site from our lunch menu Tuesday – Friday 11:00 to 14:00. Current lunch menu is updated the night before.



With the district administration's ongoing planting work, there is a shortage of parking spaces at the house itself. That's why we recommend our 12 parking spaces on Bergtallsvägen. There, a permit is required, which can be picked up inside the inn. If it is full, there are paid parking lots on Stora kvinns väg 11 or Glasbjörksvägen, 700 meters from the inn, or nearby Elsa Borgs Gata or Fredrika Bremers Gata.


The year at Långbro värdshus

At Långbro, we live with the seasons and take advantage of the flavours of the ingredients that are best for their season.

Christmas Table

The Christmas traditions at Långbro Värdshus are strong and every year we create a unique Christmas atmosphere and an overflowing Christmas table with classic and new dishes.

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Winter menu

Enjoy the flavours from the winter evening menu. We offer a taste experience inspired by the ingredients of the winter season and, as always, with sustainability in mind.

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Almost every Wednesday during spring and autumn, we invite you to "100-lappen" (the 100 kr note) at Långbro Värdshus. There will be a new theme every time and you get to try new flavours for a 100-lapp.

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Valentines Day

Celebration of the saint Valentinus began already in the fourth century, in recent years February 14th has become the day when we celebrate love. Here at Långbro, we like to maintain traditions like this. Welcome!

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Celebrate Easter in our beautiful turn-of-the-century house and experience an Easter buffet with well-prepared food and a pleasant atmosphere. Our Easter decor is created with great care, love and always with a sustainable mindset.

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Enjoy the flavors from the summer evening menu. We offer an enjoyable taste experience inspired by the summer season's ingredients with sustainability in mind.


Enjoy the flavors from the autumn evening menu. We offer a taste experience inspired by the autumn season's ingredients and, as always, with a sustainable mindset.


G = Innehåller gluten

M = Innehåller mjölkprodukter

N = Innehåller nötter


G = Går att få glutenfri

M = Går att få mjölkproduktfri

N = Går att få nötfri

Har ni några andra matallergier, fråga din servis om rätternas innehåll.