At Långbro Värdshus you can showcase your products or collections in a fun and different way. Many of our customers have an interest in design and architecture, and companies in furniture, lighting and interior decoration are happy to come here to place and frame their products in our popular interiors. Have demonstrations and presentations and give your customers a different and memorable experience.

Companies are welcome to fill the upstairs with products for a day, or longer. And why not take the opportunity to hold a press conference and arrange VIP events with a closing dinner.

Rental fee by arrangement.



G = Innehåller gluten

M = Innehåller mjölkprodukter

N = Innehåller nötter


G = Går att få glutenfri

M = Går att få mjölkproduktfri

N = Går att få nötfri

Har ni några andra matallergier, fråga din servis om rätternas innehåll.