The Bar

The bar at Långbro Värdshus is a popular meeting place for food and drink.

In the bar you slip in for a simple good meal both day and evening. You choose from the daily food selection on the bar board. Perfect for a quick weekday dinner or casual lunch.


We like beverages

Our wide range of beer and wine in our bar are constantly changed and updated. You are welcome to sample a large assortment of beer from local breweries and Swedish non-alcoholic drinks with natural flavour and great quality. Our wine list is comprehensive and consists of wines from both the old and the new world. We’re happy to help you find your preferred style and favourite wine. Our bartenders create drinks and cocktails inspired by berries, fruit and seasons, and on our liqueur shelf you’ll always find interesting spirits – often from Sweden.


Every Wednesday from From January and during spring we arrange theme nights in the bar – an idea we call 100-lappen (the 100 kronor note). The theme is based on an ingredient, a beverage, a geographic area or perhaps a surprise visit from a fellow chef. During spring we will be serving everything from sparkling wine and tapas to asparagus and delicacies from Portugal. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we will publish news about our upcoming themes for 100-lappen.


G = Innehåller gluten

M = Innehåller mjölkprodukter

N = Innehåller nötter


G = Går att få glutenfri

M = Går att få mjölkproduktfri

N = Går att få nötfri

Har ni några andra matallergier, fråga din servis om rätternas innehåll.