Getting here

There are a few different ways of getting here:

  • Take the metro to Fruängen metro station, from there it is only a few minutes walk
  • If you come by bus, the stops Långbroparken and Fredrika Bremers gata are closest to us.
  • If you come by car, we have a few parking spaces right by the house, accessible through the avenue to Stora Mans väg 4. If they are all occupied then we have access to about ten or so parking spaces in the parking lot at Hjälpmedelscentralen. It can be reached via Bergtallsvägen and you can get a parking permit from us at the bar. More parking spaces are available at Långbro bakficka, further down the park.

Find Långbro Värdshus on Google maps.


G = Innehåller gluten

M = Innehåller mjölkprodukter

N = Innehåller nötter


G = Går att få glutenfri

M = Går att få mjölkproduktfri

N = Går att få nötfri

Har ni några andra matallergier, fråga din servis om rätternas innehåll.